Sword Nesting

I came across this lady yesterday – while getting happily lost on the country roads. Bulgarian villages are never short of imposing soviet monuments. But this one, with it’s proud stork’s nest, took things to another level.

Somehow the nest captured, in all it’s domestic simplicity – branch by branch, brought by beak – the inevitability of giving life. Tenderness is to return, over stone, over swords, over conquerors. We all need a home and the urge to birth is as old as the world self. A sense of welcome? Perched on a sword…  That strange feeling of relaxing into paradox, of finding comfort on the edge,  of finding stability in perpetual flux.

I keep looking at her again, to see if her warrior’s face might have let a smile slip, might have softened unwittingly, from the life going on upstairs, from the births happening upon her hands – those powerful hands gripping the sword of will and liberation.


As the cold comes, the birds have flown south. Her resolve hasn’t weakened but I’d say she is now carrying a promise, and letting that blade trail in the wind…

3 thoughts on “Sword Nesting

  1. HEY TUI, I didn’t know you were still staying in Bulgaria. How long for? Do you travel sometimes in Europe and France?I will be glad to see you again.
    Hope you are fine and wish you nice time for Christmas and New Year’s eve.
    Your friendly
    Bernard Vialette

    • Yes… Bulgaria has my heart. And I am soon to release a new album of songs inspired by the music and the energy here. And yes, I will be touring Europe with it! Will keep you posted.

      • Nice to read your e-mail. See you one day then!
        By the way your picture of the stone lady warrior with the stork’s net as a hat is funny; the birds don’t mind with the human symbols, i suppose the stork find the place strong enough to build her nest…Looking for your new album. Bernard

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