Tui Mamaki offers one-on-one Tuition, no pun intended.

Are you interested in?

  • Confidence (how to deal with nerves and get singing)
  • Breath (breathe easily and feel your sound supported)
  • Pitch (know where you are / harmonize with confidence)
  • Range (expand and strengthen your range)
  • Break (discover various ways to sing freely over this)
  • Rhythm (get better at it! from beginner to fast odd-meters)
  • Repertoire (extensive world song repertoire available)
  • Performance Skills (work on your delivery / your material)
  • Presence (how connect with your music and your audience)


  • Vocal Health (how to avoid strain in your work / performance)
  • Public Speaking (confidence, resonance, articulation and expression)


One-off lesson (60min) = $90
Bundle of 4 lessons = $340

Email to book in or find out more

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