Acapollinations @ WOMADNZ 2023 _ photograph Sabine Mignault

“A multi-lingual, compelling collection of folklore songs, where archaic musical systems are reimagined for three vivacious voices. In this performance, Tui Mamaki (French-Kiwi), Chelsea Prastiti (Greek-Kiwi) and Sally Howe (Cook Island-Kiwi) interweave songs from their grandmothers – both genetic and imagined – with a bespoke repertoire issue of Tui Mamaki’s love affair with Bulgarian Folklore. Evocative melodies, stirringly close harmony and stories of longing, harvest and transcendence.”

ACAPOLLiNATiONS, founded in 2013, released their debut EP in 2014, alongside concerts at CJC Creative Jazz Club Aotearoa & Hamilton Garden Arts Festival. This EP featured Bulgaria Folk Choral Classics, imbued with the fresh playful arrangements of Tui Mamaki – developing rhythmical and harmonic themes, with space for improvisation. Tui then traveled to the Balkans (Bulgaria) to immerse herself in the vocal traditions that inspire the work. In 2016-17 this unique trio enchanted audiences at Prana Festival, Titirangi Festival of Music, Te Uru Contemporary Art Gallery (Waitakere) & Luminate. Their return to the stage in 2022, with a new repertoire and the record “M/OTHER Tongue”, is enriched by further travels and by motherhood. 

“Hauntingly beautiful…”
Hamish Nathan (Director of Hamilton Garden Arts Festival)

“”Beautiful, unique, holding the audience with just the power of the voice… ” “
David Parker (Director of Titirangi Festival of Music)

“A beautiful program and concept which captured the hearts of our audience.”
Caroline Lynn (Co-Director of CJC Aotearoa)

“”Exquisitely crafted arrangements transport the audience to another time and place…   A jewel in the program. “
Karen Hunter (Musical Director of Prana Festival NZ)

On the premise that voices, cultures and rhythms cross-pollinate, this acapella trio performs hauntingly sassy adaptations of Balkan Polyphony, with an Aotearoa improvisation twist.  Zesty irregular rhythms, stirringly close harmony and the evocative voices of Tui Mamaki (French-Kiwi), Chelsea Prastiti (Greek-Kiwi) & Siobhan Grace (Samoan-Kiwi) / Sally Howe (Cook-Island-Kiwi), make this a rare and compelling musical moment!

Original Self-Title EP (2014):


3 thoughts on “ACAPOLLiNATiONS

  1. love it! i hope we go ahead with the Circle stage so you can join! Still re-organising. Meetings and decisions due this month. Keep in touch!

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