How to start a day

If I read the news first I am paralyzed by sorrow. If I sing first I am awakened to gratitude and wonder.

If I read the news second, this gratitude and wonder encounters a gripping distortion, a confusion in the face of such energetic hate and myriad manifestations of cruelty and violence.

If I look out the window at that moment, I am further disorientated by the stunning blue expanse, the gentle flight of the birds, the peacefulness offered by the clear view of the islands in their perfect paper cut-out silhouettes…

Turning back to my screen, I cannot bring myself to comment, to agree or disagree, to condemn or support, to reconcile perspectives or hope for understanding.

If at this moment, I sing?

– but who am I to sing, to create, to love, when others are suffering!?

I am not sure about it, but I am trying this out: give song/life to your surroundings.

And tell me how you go?



3 thoughts on “How to start a day

  1. i go : that the clouds are suspended timelessly, in air currents, water droplets moving against oxygen ….
    i go : that the trees are breathing and transforming carbon dioxide , synthesizing and feeding birds, insects, spiders…
    i go: that the very dirt herself is living, giving, yielding and decomposing …

    who is to say that the reality of humans is paramount? when the human world is continually yearning for what it has not and blind to what it has
    who is to assume that we, expanding to tipping point in every possible way, will not achieve the same end as the many civilizations that have gone before us?
    and on and on

    i go : that once i learnt this – ‘if you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always had’…..

    so the sunrises and the sunsets, and the beauty is endless and timeless, through all civilizations the clouds have been available free of charge to marvel and meditate, and for each rise and fall the trees have given fruit and exhaled air and for each culture the earth has produced food and the water has nourished

    lets keep singing Tui
    x x x

  2. Such a timely and relevant contemplation, Tui. Those who feel and are aware of the present situation on the planet, will join you in sorrow and gratitude, hope and despair at the same time. This is one of those questions, which doesn’t have an answer. To sing amidst cruelty and injustice is impossible, but not to be singing amidst cruelty and injustice is impossible also.

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