Rainy Day

The thing I love most about singing is that it teaches me to be present and whole, while embracing duality. I have to be both the support and the surrender. The death, the birthing, and the moments between. It all ties in with the flight of birds by the cliffs, on a stormy day:

Sculpt the torso to be upright and open, like a cliff face. Set in motion a constant upward stream of energy, like the rising air currents. Allow yourself to be carried with all the tenderness and surrender of the bird. This tenderness can first be felt in the heart, then on the lips, and finally you will hear it reflected as such, resonating into the world.

In between, inhale as an actual release. Release everything you have known, built, achieved, and surrender to this entirely new moment. It will bring you shivers, and a sense of belonging like no other.


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