World of Voice Choir

Set yourself in vocal motion… Celebrate a world of cultures… Let the natural joy of singing bring you into vibrant harmony…

Tui Mamaki draws from a unique pool of vocal traditions, including Chant Basque (South of France), Khyal (India), Extended Voice (Roy Hart Theatre), Jazz/Blues and beautiful Balkan Polyphony to take participants on a journey through breath, tone, harmony and rhythm. Traditional songs from around the world, learnt mostly by ear are brought to life through playful performance practices and further arranging and/or improvisation. Tui is a passionate workshop facilitator with 13 years experience and the belief that all human beings are born to sing! The World of Voice choir has been running in Auckland NZ, since 2009.

World Of Voice Choir – Dilmano Dilbero from Tui Mamaki on Vimeo. Participant Impressions:

  •  One of the most enriching experiences I have had. (Annie)
  •  A wonderful blend of freedom and exploration, of focus and precision… (Mala)
  •  A thoughtful and dynamic approach… a welcoming, nurturing environment to explore our voices and striking music from throughout the world. Delicious! (Shari)
  • Lively and engaging, Tui is an excellent facilitator and creates an environment which is both challenging and fun. (Rata)

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