Haunting, spirited vocals over hypnotic odd-meter grooves.  A meeting of delicacy and power.  Original compositions inspired by TUi MAMAKi’s love affair with Bulgaria, these are stories of love, harvest, death & transcendence.

TUi MAMAKi is a vocal explorer, performer, composer/arranger, born in France, raised in Aotearoa/NZ and currently residing in Bulgaria. She can thank her musically adventurous troubadour family for giving her a taste for sounds from far-away places. In following her voice, she has traveled to Pay Basque, India and the Balkans to study traditional vocal techniques and repertoire.

In Australasia she has brought her original material to life on stage with fine percussionists such as Tunji Beier, Ben Walsh, Matt Stonehouse and Doug Brush.


TUi MAMAKi “FLY”  intimate neo-folk featuring the beautiful percussion of Tunji Beier.

TUi MAMAKi “Hear My Voice” in collaboration with Piers Faccini, Beating Drum Records 2018.  Purchase vinyl/download via

Other records are in the making… Stay Tuned!